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Elune's Chosen

A build relying on starshards as a primary damage source. Thus, this build is specifically for Nelf priests (LOL). This build takes the FSR, abuses it, and makes your character into a rolling juggernaut of spell damage where the more you kill, the longer you have a (possibly) insane level of +spell damage/healing. This then makes the next kill immeasurably easier, creating a sort of "rolling thunder" effect until you run out of mobs in the area. And, as you will be outside of the FSR most of the time in using the rotation, you will not reasonably go OOM in a normal scenario. Since Spirit Tap is notoriously awkward to get whilst duoing or in a group, this build does work best solo. However, with some arrangement, this could work in a group scenario. Special thanks to Roxanne Flowers from Elysium who first posited the guide. Do be sure to look up her forum posts for a more detailed explanation on the synergies and spells used in this build, and why.

by Lanessar - 3 months ago
Talent Build

Talent Build

Off Hand


You're primarily going for +spell damage gear here - Arcane Wrath will work, but it is less valuable than stacking straight +spirit instead (since the bonuses apply to ALL spells cast). That being said, the higher spirit, the more damage you'll deal/heal with Spirit Tap + Spiritual Guidance, as well as mana regen outside of the FSR which should regen you by 60% of your mana bar per proc on Tap (this can be as much as 80-90% depending on talents and gear).

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