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Warrior | Horde | 2h Fury | BIS Phase1

Hi, my name is Caperfin. Today, we'll be looking at my favorite way to play a Warrior with a hulking awesome two handed weapon. - NOTE : We are assuming the Orc race. - NOTE : Try your best to have 6% melee Hit chance. I hope you liked this build, if you'd like to see videos about similar topics. Check out:

by Caperfin - 1 year ago
Gear: 231str, 16crit, 804AP.
Talent: Slam Spec (Highest DPS)

Gear: 231str, 16crit, 804AP.

Off Hand


The ultimate BIS head slot item for us.

A simple boost in Attack Power and Crit,

Good amount of Attack Power and it has Agility which can be increased through stat increasing buffs.

An indisputable champion for a chest.

Provides the Hit we need without sacrificing anything. If this is not realistic for you, consider inv_weapon_bow_08Riphook.

An increase in Critical Strike which is always welcomed.

The extra attack proc works wonderfully with spell_nature_windfuryWindfury Totem from a Shaman in the party.

This weapon is not only BIS for Horde but its damage skyrockets on an Orc because of Blood Fury t and their bonus in inv_axe_06Axe Specialization .

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